Southwest Inspired and Nature Inspired Art

The Artist

The desire to capture beauty  started when I moved to Arizona at the age of four. The sunsets inspired  me to pick up some discarded oil pastels left behind in an abandoned  mining camp where we lived. It was so hot in the desert at night that  Mom and I would sleep on the back porch, watching the sunset. There was  no television, no electricity, and not even any running water in our  little desert town. Childish attempts at recreating early subjects of  sunsets, donkeys, and ocotillo continued until I moved back to Santa  Monica, CA. Then, confined to an apartment, my wild-child brain went  crazy. I drew and painted like a pent-up fiend. And that is when, at the  age of nine, my efforts began receiving recognition as an emerging  talent. 

 Artistic desires continued to  drive me through high school where I discovered silversmithing and  jewelry design. I worked professionally creating jewelry until my second  child was born. At this point, “real life” got to me and I knew I had  to start earning and making a living. I received my Bachelor’s degree in  Business, earned my real estate broker’s license, and worked for the  City of Prescott for eleven years - nearly forsaking art. While  compiling annual reports, budgets and recreation program mailings,  artistic inclinations would creep into my work attracting the attention  of the city manager. Even this wasn’t enough, as I needed ever more  creative outlets.


 It had been nearly 30 years since I  had last painted, but in 2008 it came back to me quickly with the help  of a very talented instructor. I still create with jewelry, glass and  mosaics, but painting is the gift that I feel I was handed. I believe  that I must respect that gift by expanding with it.