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This is a  painting of Lacey, a Great Pyrenees, and a service dog. Her humans won a  portrait of her in a drawing that I held at the Windermere Real Estate  booth for Dogtoberfest in October.  It was a little challenging at  first, as Lacey was impeccably groomed and appeared to be very, very  white.  Upon closer inspection, I realized there were a myriad of colors  reflected in her coat, including purples, pinks, yellows and grays.  This very special painting turned out to be a lot of fun to put on  canvas.


"After The Rain"


"Fall Flowers"


Custom Body Cast


 A young friend was pregnant with her first  child and her midwife had the idea to create a belly cast, later I  painted and adorned it with acrylic paint, beads and gemstones. 


 Please call to set-up an appointment!! (928) 776-4804