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Horse on Fire

While  living in Wyoming, we came across a herd of wild horses at dawn in the  whoopty-do's (curiously formed rocks). The stallion, who confronted us  at the top of the hill, was back-lit by the morning sun, making his mane  and tail appear as if he were on fire


Daturas grow all over the southwest and when one sprung up in my front yard, I was moved by



Daturas  grow all over the southwest and when one sprung up in my front yard, I  was moved by its delicate fragrance, luminosity at night, but especially  by the different phases of unfolding the blooms go through.



Blue Guardian

Crossing a pasture one night on the Animas river, we were startled by a longhorn bull.  In the moonlight, he appeared blue.



Moth Green

A  close-up of an ordinary moth that a friend snapped. I was impressed by  the wing patterns and the close-up texture of the siding. After playing  with the colors in, I settled on the green image...


 Desert Truck

My  daughter, a chip off the 'ole block, loves old trucks too.  She and her  man hauled this old truck out of the Arizona desert. The magentas,  oranges, purples and blues on its rusty body were much admired.  It is  currently being restored



Ravens By Moonlight

Friends  and I hike, or kayak on Watson Lake, during most full moons. On a  frosty winter night, the landscapes are rather blue.  One night we  spotted two ravens roosting. In a moment of companionable intimacy, they  touched beaks, arched their necks, their tail feathers crossed and for a  split second formed a heart.



Apache Lodge

There are few classic motor hotels (motels) like this one left. In  1947, this was one of the finest in the S.W. The grand old place  invites you into its inner sanctum where you discover it's three layers  deep. In the winter months, long before dawn, the deep, dark, blue of  the night mixes with the neon pinks and greens to give the stucco a dark  purple glow



Feather and Rock

Credit  to Christopher Holcomb for photographic inspiration. Simply a red tail  hawk tail feather that drifted down onto river washed rocks. A  meditative scene.



Prescott Truck

 Parked in the Granite Dells, it sat below a  sign that read "Jewels." I couldn't help but be impressed with its  vintage and rusty patinas. 



Old Armory Cactus Blossoms

Working  at the Old Armory, I would pass an extensive cactus patch everyday.  There was an abundance of reddish orange blossoms and I felt moved to  paint them en mass as well as an enlarged view.



Taos Truck

This  turquoise truck had obviously been used to haul livestock. It was  parked at a bar on the outskirts of town. I admired its multi-hued body  and rust, and have painted it twice, once in gouache and again in small  study with a border


 Fall Flowers
Walking  through the forest near Thumb Butte last October, the air was heavy  after a good rain. The sun was starting to break through when I saw  these yellow, late blooming flowers along the trail. They wound around  the granite boulders and trees in a way that was almost lyrical. 

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Thunderhead Over Granite Mountain

Credit  to Theresa Rose Ditson for the inspiration due to her amazing  photography. Granite Mountain has always been a mountain of mystery for  me as I spent my teens living in full view of it. Watching the  magnificent lightning storms, sunsets, and wildlife come and go, I was  inspired to paint instead of watching television.




A  friend's daughter fell asleep after playing in the leaves in our  Granite Creek Park. The sleeping child's pose contains such absolute  trust that her father will keep her safe.



Juniper Berries

These  dark purple morning glories sprung up in my front yard among the  juniper berries. I don't believe in pulling up perfectly lovely flowers  just because they chose to grow in the middle of the patio area.

Together they make a great set!


 Watson Coves

While  kayaking and waiting for the moon to come up, the lake water and clouds  reflected the setting sun. Once again, the colors grabbed me and I had  to paint these scenes. (Goache)

Watson Coves


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